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Do you know someone that has: a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? limited time to shop? a budget, but loves to look stunning? trouble finding clothes they really like? plenty of shopping mistakes in their wardrobe? Do they tell you they want to: look slimmer and taller? enjoy shopping for a new […]

Myth: Personal shoppers, more commonly and grandly known as image consultants, made famous by a gaggle of blistering makeover TV shows, are reserved for the rich and fabulous and for ladies who lunch. In fact, it’s often the ladies – and gentlemen – who have neither the time nor dosh for lunch who are paying […]

Do you walk in to a store, feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin? Are you even in the right shop for you? With my comprehensive knowledge of labels in all price ranges from chain store to designer labels, you will choose with confidence from off-the-rack or tailored garments. This is clever shopping. Make Your […]

Wait until you’re fully dressed to look in the dressing room mirror, if you look in it at all. The lighting and close quarters generally do few favours for anyone. Bigger mirrors in the ante-chamber or shop are truer. Don’t be a fashion slave. Susan Axford: “Just because it’s ‘in’ fashion, doesn’t mean you have […]

Is it the layout, the service, the options or value??? Last month’s Apparel magazine has done an interesting comparison between six nationwide chain stores … Country Road;  Dotti;  Glassons; Max; Portmans and Supre.   Interestingly three of them  (Country Road; Portmans; and Supre) scored 0 out of 10 for service.  But Portmans was the overall winner […]