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Introducing a new package around those very important accessories. Accessories are the key to transforming an outfit – earrings, scarves, belts, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, all give a finished and unique look to an outfit.  Often they are the most neglected part of the wardrobe. Accessory audit $100ph at the Your Style Studio Shopping for accessories  […]

Here are a few tips to remember when working through your closet: Designate an area in your room for three piles: “keep”, “toss”, and “alterations”. It is best to do this process in categories. Start with your trousers/pants, as we need fewer bottoms than tops. Find every pair of pants you own, try them on […]

Great way to add colour, texture and interest to an outfit. A scarf must be the right colour for you and make sure the fabric is compatible with the outfit. Don’t put a flimsy silk scarf with a winter coat, choose a heavier texture. Quality accessories with clean lines can make inexpensive clothes look better, […]

If you wear glasses, they are your number one accessory – they frame your eyes and are jewellery for your face. Having the right frame can transform how you look. Our spectacle and make-up packages: Make-up Lesson and Shopping in Newmarket and Auckland city for Reading Glasses or Sunnies – two and half hours. SHOPPING […]

Black is at the forefront of course, but there is a good injection of bright colours… bright red, purple, greens, from olive to emerald, pink and a splash of colourful prints. All the fashion magazines talk about the new colours, but every shop you go into has a predominance of black. Retailers like to play […]