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Your clothes speak before you do. Image is non-verbal communication giving you visual credibility and personal presence. A positive self-image exudes success and professionalism. It is hard to re-create a first impression, so get it right the first time. Image is never neutral, it is either positive or negative, and the right image will empower […]

The right image projects a sense of professionalism and is the key to building business relationships. Image is a powerful communicator – you make a statement without saying a word. When you know you look good you will have more confidence, higher self-esteem and be more effective – just the qualities employers want in these […]

De-clutter is one of the buzz words of the decade – the solution to a clear mind. We’re encouraged to de-clutter our lives, from living spaces to desks, to the pantry and don’t forget the wardrobe. The start of the year is a great time to put all those new ideas in place and a […]