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Whether you buy a red, blue or white shirt the price will be similar. So why not choose the right colour for your skin tone? Knowing your colours is about wearing the right shade to enhance your total look. When you wear the correct colours, you will look good, feed your energy levels and have […]

It bans ultra skinny models from catwalks and magazines with the aim to reinforce positive body images for young people.  The new code wants to ban the fashion and beauty industries from using stick thin models or digitally enhancing images so that the models appear even thinner.  Well done, Kate Ellis.  Let’s hope NZ follows […]

Especially when they are in the same vicinity, but disappointing when they are not both of similar standard. In Pukekohe and by-pass the main street and head down to the more industrial area along Manukau Rd and just at the start of Manukau Rd (no 4) stop at the new group of shops.  The Merino […]

If you wear glasses, they are your number one accessory – they frame your eyes and are jewellery for your face. Having the right frame can transform how you look. Our spectacle and make-up packages: Make-up Lesson and Shopping in Newmarket and Auckland city for Reading Glasses or Sunnies – two and half hours. SHOPPING […]

You can look good right away – and you will feel much better when you know you look good. Style and colour consultations are for life and nothing to do with size. Wearing the right colours, for example, will enhance your skin tone and give you an instant lift. The style and line analysis has […]

As you get older it can become more difficult to find where you fit in. There is a difference between fashion and style – in the words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion fades, but style is eternal”. If you look good in straight leg trousers, for example, you don’t compromise your look by wearing pants with […]

Whatever time of the year the park is a great oasis in the city.   The view from the summit is incredible and the drive or walk through the park is a joy – rolling lawns, majestic trees, cattle and sheep, you would never think you were in the midst of a big city of concrete. […]