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We might think we have problems deciding what to wear,  but when you  are the wife of the President of the United States… oh that is real pressure choosing what to wear on inauguration day. And did she get it right?   Not totally. Michelle Obama  is a striking woman, who can look utterly glamorous and […]

De-clutter is one of the buzz words of the decade – the solution to a clear mind. We’re encouraged to de-clutter our lives, from living spaces to desks, to the pantry and don’t forget the wardrobe. The start of the year is a great time to put all those new ideas in place and a […]

Susan Axford is a fully qualified professional style and image consultant, and can give you advice on any aspect of clothing, grooming and personal appearance. As a trained colour and style consultant, Susan can readily show you what works for you and why. As fashion and beauty editor of the New Zealand Herald in Auckland […]