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Want to hear “you look great” more often? Have personal presence? Discover how to look and feel your best everyday? Have a wardrobe that works for you? What shape and garment length will flatter and enhance you? Amazing how a few centimetres or changed angle can make a huge difference. Discover how you can dress […]

Do you walk in to a store, feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin? Are you even in the right shop for you? With my comprehensive knowledge of labels in all price ranges from chain store to designer labels, you will choose with confidence from off-the-rack or tailored garments. This is clever shopping. Make Your […]

A very narrow belt makes hips look larger, while medium belt makes them appear smaller. A wide belt worn at the waist can make you appear short waisted. A ‘Rectangle’ (with no defined waist) looks best in a belt with wonderful buckle and and on open vest of jacket, so all you see is the […]

Firstly decide how you want people to describe your appearance … smart, funky, casual, elegant, classic, sporty. If you can’t decide how you want to look, do some people watching and you will build up a picture of why you look twice at someone, is it a striking colour; a great handbag; interesting shoes, accessories.   […]

This book promises to change your look and change your life by showing you how to leave your old ways behind and transform you into a new woman with new confidence. Self help books can be good, but a consultation with an image consultant will ensure you learn how to dress successfully.   The authors of […]