Nine Personal Shopper Secret Tips

  1. Wait until you’re fully dressed to look in the dressing room mirror, if you look in it at all. The lighting and close quarters generally do few favours for anyone. Bigger mirrors in the ante-chamber or shop are truer.
  2. Don’t be a fashion slave. Susan Axford: “Just because it’s ‘in’ fashion, doesn’t mean you have to be in it.”
  3. Buy what looks good on you, not your mate or a model, and trust your first impressions. Axford: “If you have to talk yourself into it, it’s usually wrong.”
  4. Accessories in your true eye colour (not your assumed one, check in the mirror) will make you look healthier.
  5. Match the curve of your shoe toes with the curve of your chin or jaw line for a balanced look.
  6. To minimise the appearance of a large bust, avoid sleeves that end at the bustline.
  7. To minimise bulges, choose loose fabrics but avoid shapeless “tents” – as they’ll only make you look bigger.
  8. Base your size on your largest measurement and take in clothes where they don’t fit.
  9. Plan your wardrobe for maximum mix-and-match capacity, and stay focused. Axford: “You don’t need many clothes, but the clothes you have must look superb on you.”

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