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You will be noticed, so wear the colours that suit you best. If you have never had your best colours analysed, now is the time to do it. Email or phone Susan now for a colours consultation. YOUR colours are for everything – makeup, hair, sunglasses, jewellery, accessories and, of course the clothes. Neon and […]

Makeup should not be overdone with these beautiful colourful prints that are high fashion this season. Choose eyeshadow to match one of the main base colours of the fabric and select one of the strong colours of the pattern for your eyeliner. If you’re wearing the nautical theme, opt for strong red lips and soft […]

All my female clients are very aware of their body flaws. Usually within a few seconds of meeting me, they’re rattling off their flaws. It’s sad to see that lack of confidence and their amazing awareness of what they think is wrong with them. I can show them how to minimise their problem areas and […]

And just when you thought you were over New Year resolutions here are a few tips for a new you for the New Year.  Regardless of your age or weight, if you spend a little more time on yourself this year you will look and feel fabulous and be more confident. Personal New Year Tips […]