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Perfect for the Clear and Dramatics, and some of the Clear and Brights can wear black and white together. It is interesting how neither black nor white alone are good for the Clear and Brights, but put them together in a pattern and the sharp contrast of black and crisp white makes it clear and […]

Black is at the forefront of course, but there is a good injection of bright colours… bright red, purple, greens, from olive to emerald, pink and a splash of colourful prints. All the fashion magazines talk about the new colours, but every shop you go into has a predominance of black. Retailers like to play […]

“Style is eternal” may be Chanel’s words, but it is certainly proved by the El Jay and Christian Dior exhibition, which opened in Auckland on Friday night. (June 4).    Some of the garments may be more than 60 years old, but  still look modern, and stunning. Sixty-seven exquisite pieces of glamour starting from a 1947 […]