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When in Wellington, love starting my day at Arabica Café in Grey St …  always buzy – this café which seats more than 50 was full at 8.45am, and emptied out by about 9am. Do Wellingtonians have a civilized time of 9am to be at their desk? Great coffee and good selection of counter food […]

Susan’s is in Rotorua Aug 3-4. Email Susan for an appointment to advise remedies for your wardrobe ailments. Susan is a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… Suggest the idea to a group of friends (may be your book club) and Susan […]

If your lower leg is shorter than your thigh do not choose ankle straps. Avoid ankle straps if you have thick ankles and do not choose a tiny kitten heel. With shoes, as with everything else, go for proportion and balance. Someone with large bone structure needs a wider strap on a sandal. Two-toned shoes […]

Great way to add colour, texture and interest to an outfit. A scarf must be the right colour for you and make sure the fabric is compatible with the outfit. Don’t put a flimsy silk scarf with a winter coat, choose a heavier texture. Quality accessories with clean lines can make inexpensive clothes look better, […]

Susan is a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… she will be in Wellington July 29. If you would like an appointment when Susan hits Wellington, e-mail or call free in New Zealand on: 0508 YOUR STYLE.

A very narrow belt makes hips look larger, while medium belt makes them appear smaller. A wide belt worn at the waist can make you appear short waisted. A ‘Rectangle’ (with no defined waist) looks best in a belt with wonderful buckle and and on open vest of jacket, so all you see is the […]

It will take your breath away. The Imperial Ice Stars perform with incredible agility, grace and poise.   Swan Lake may be a famous ballet but put on ice gives it a new magic.  The costumes are superb and the ice dancers are fluid in the way they glide and float across the stage.  It is […]

Just as our clothes need to be in harmony with our size and shape, jewellery is about size, scale, and proportion. Accessories are wardrobe essentials, but don’t overdo it, or you can look messy. Put on huge earrings, skip the necklace and go for a fabulous bracelet or ring instead. If you’re wearing a statement […]

Firstly decide how you want people to describe your appearance … smart, funky, casual, elegant, classic, sporty. If you can’t decide how you want to look, do some people watching and you will build up a picture of why you look twice at someone, is it a striking colour; a great handbag; interesting shoes, accessories.   […]

Australia’s new Prime Minister, Julia Guillard chose a white suit for her press conference to announce the date of the election.  And New Zealand’s former Prime Minister, Helen Clark wore a white jacket for her billboards for the last election.   White is not a colour that suits either women, do they think that voters will […]