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Susan is a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… Suggest the idea to a group of friends (may be your book club) and Susan will come to your part of the country to empower, inform and energise you and your wardrobe. A […]

Often the best place to shop is in your existing wardrobe – a wardrobe audit is the perfect place to start planning your new summer look. It’s amazing how existing pieces can be given new life – a change of length a tweak here and there and a different combination gives you an updated look […]

I am heading down to Taupo these last days of June and due to a cancellation, I have a space or two left. I do house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe so if you need help with style, colour, make-up or wardrobe, get in contact with me. The eyes have it this […]

I know I announced that I was heading to Taupo and Rotorua in late June for style appointments, but I am also squeezing in a trip to Tauranga May 19 – 21 – so if anyone wants an appointment over those days just get in touch! Suggest the idea to a group of friends (may […]

A new season, new resolutions, and the perfect time for a spring clean of our wardrobes. How many women (and some men) look in their wardrobes and say “they have nothing to wear” as they gaze at a wardrobe groaning with clothes! Our other halves and families look with disbelief as they look at all […]

What will we buy to fill in the gaps and update our look? It is a season of colour and prints and something for everyone – be bold, be colourful, be playful, be pretty, have fun. Go for the graphic geometric prints or go wild with animal prints. Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns […]

Take EVERYTHING out and then examine each piece before putting it back. This is a wardrobe audit aimed at simplifying and organising what we wear. Try on each piece to see if it fits well, needs washing/drycleaning/mending. If, what you see in the privacy of your own closet does not make a good impression on […]