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Pop-Up Style – Your Style Consultant on Wheels Susan is a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… Suggest the idea to a group of friends (may be your book club) and Susan will come to your part of the country to give […]

It may add to the cost of your meal,  – dining at a café on a public holiday.  It may be a deterrent, momentarily, but then why should the staff not get paid extra to be working on a public holiday.  That part I accept, but paying extra for a snack that is not up […]

Stopping for lunch on the way to the Coromandel can often be the start of the holiday.. packed the car, locked up the house and we’re on the way. Abstract is the newest café on the route from Auckland to the Coromandel, just a few hundered metres from the turn of State Highway 2 on […]