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I’m a style doctor who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in Wellington on January 27 – 29th and then onto the Wairarapa for January 29 – 31st. If you want an individual appointment for style analysis, colour consultation, wardrobe analysis or a spectacle consultation, contact me. Suggest the idea to […]

I am heading down to Taupo these last days of June and due to a cancellation, I have a space or two left. I do house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe so if you need help with style, colour, make-up or wardrobe, get in contact with me. The eyes have it this […]

I’m a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… and I’m heading to Taupo and Rotorua  Late June, 2013. Suggest the idea to a group of friends (may be your book club) and I’ll come to your part of the country to empower, […]

Here are a few tips to remember when working through your closet: Designate an area in your room for three piles: “keep”, “toss”, and “alterations”. It is best to do this process in categories. Start with your trousers/pants, as we need fewer bottoms than tops. Find every pair of pants you own, try them on […]

Buy one or two new pieces to your wardrobe every season. Even adding accessories in the latest colours will keep you looking current. Even if you always buy classic, timeless pieces, the shape will change slightly, so replace them every few years. And I’m here if you need help with this.

Texture is important for winter and some designers have given their garments a striped appearance using texture with exterior seam detail, which gives the effect of stripes, but in a more subtle, but still interesting way. Ruffles give the feminine touch. Velvet gives a luxurious finish and sumptuous look to any garment – be wary […]

This is the season of prints – so if the animal scene is not your favourite there are lots of other designs. Stripes are strong and horizontal stripes are the most popular, but beware if you have a generous bust or are very short. Horizontal stripes can shorten and broaden, so choose wisely and team […]