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Buy one or two new pieces to your wardrobe every season. Even adding accessories in the latest colours will keep you looking current. Even if you always buy classic, timeless pieces, the shape will change slightly, so replace them every few years. And I’m here if you need help with this.

Makeup techniques change so it’s a good idea to look at your makeup colours every few years. This does not mean smothering on the latest eye shadow colour if it does not suit you, but if you want to stay modern, learn the new techniques. Some cosmetic counters will do your makeup for free, others […]

Change your hair style and/or colour – this change does not need to be drastic, even small changes can be uplifting.  Add some low lights or highlights, just remember to stay within your cool or warm tones. Win! Colour consultation OR style and line analysis from Susan Axford at Your Style FashioNZ have one prize […]