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Colour is a NO cost item in your wardrobe. Whether you buy a red, blue or white shirt the price will be similar. Knowing your colours is about wearing the right shade to enhance your total look. When you wear the correct colours, you will look good, feed your energy levels and have more confidence. […]

As you get older it can become more difficult to find where you fit in. There is a difference between fashion and style – in the words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion fades, but style is eternal”. If you look good in straight leg trousers, for example, you don’t compromise your look by wearing pants with […]

The vintage train puffed into the station and eager people  disembarked for lunch;  a car club on a Sunday outing queued for lunch while they animatedly discussed the performance of their prized vehicle and others like us were on their way from “A” to “B”.   Situated in the Karangahake Gorge on SH 2 the Railway […]

You can look good right away – and you will feel much better when you know you look good. Style and colour consultations are for life and nothing to do with size. Wearing the right colours, for example, will enhance your skin tone and give you an instant lift. The style and line analysis has […]

… and all we baby boomers are seeking products and treatments that will stop the clock or better still turn back the clock. Skincare company, Nu Skin has invented a wonderful little machine to deliver the benefits of a salon facial to you at home. The Galvanic Spa, with its patented technology works like a […]

The right image projects a sense of professionalism and is the key to building business relationships. Image is a powerful communicator – you make a statement without saying a word. When you know you look good you will have more confidence, higher self-esteem and be more effective – just the qualities employers want in these […]

For Women… You don’t necessarily need a suit, but a jacket will give you an edge Never skimp on jackets or classic pieces such as a white shirt Take care with your nails – no chipped nail polish or dirty nails Apply makeup with a light hand – get good advice on how to do […]