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Multi coloured eye shadows suit most skin tones as each wearer can play up the part of the eye shadow palette that works best for her. Use sparingly at daytime and increase the amount at night to add drama and allure.  This look needs extra lashes, lots of mascara or false eyelashes. Win a Colour […]

  Then a colours consultation is the best way to ensure you wear the colours that suit you. Most New Zealand women have a love affair with black clothing, but if black is not your best colour why not wear what looks great on you. And this season colour is “the new black.” Harmony is […]

Colour is what we notice first about someone – wearing the right colour creates great first impressions. Do your colours support or undermine you? A colours consultation is a once in a lifetime investment to give you colour confidence to select the right colour and realise your full potential. Discover the positive effects of wearing […]

For Women… You don’t necessarily need a suit, but a jacket will give you an edge Never skimp on jackets or classic pieces such as a white shirt Take care with your nails – no chipped nail polish or dirty nails Apply makeup with a light hand – get good advice on how to do […]

Australia’s new Prime Minister, Julia Guillard chose a white suit for her press conference to announce the date of the election.  And New Zealand’s former Prime Minister, Helen Clark wore a white jacket for her billboards for the last election.   White is not a colour that suits either women, do they think that voters will […]

Your Style Consultant on Wheels. Susan is a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… Suggest the idea to a group of friends (maybe your book club?) and Susan will come to your part of the country to give new life to your […]