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Your clothes speak before you do. Image is non-verbal communication giving you visual credibility and personal presence. A positive self-image exudes success and professionalism. It is hard to re-create a first impression, so get it right the first time. Image is never neutral, it is either positive or negative, and the right image will empower […]

The right image projects a sense of professionalism and is the key to building business relationships. Image is a powerful communicator – you make a statement without saying a word. When you know you look good you will have more confidence, higher self-esteem and be more effective – just the qualities employers want in these […]

How you are regarded at work has a lot to do with presentation, says Paul Barrett, adjunct professor of psychometrics and performance management at the Auckland University faculty of business. So the pay rise you seek, the promotion you covet, and any dealings with management can be smoothed by your appearance. Just like any other […]

Men don’t complain about their looks the way women do. They never talk about their body flaws, it’s more, “I’ve just got a promotion, so I’d better have a few new suits and X-number of shirts and three ties”. They’re more decisive. They know they have to do it and just want it done as […]