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Do you walk in to a store, feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin? Are you even in the right shop for you? With my comprehensive knowledge of labels in all price ranges from chain store to designer labels, you will choose with confidence from off-the-rack or tailored garments. This is clever shopping. Make Your […]

I began my career as a cadet reporter with the New Zealand Herald, specialising in fashion.  They used to call them the ‘Women’s Pages’ back then! I initiated the Herald’s first stand alone fashion lift-out, Style, when Ie held the title, Fashion & Beauty Editor for 11 years.  That was almost 20 years ago. Isn’t […]

Wait until you’re fully dressed to look in the dressing room mirror, if you look in it at all. The lighting and close quarters generally do few favours for anyone. Bigger mirrors in the ante-chamber or shop are truer. Don’t be a fashion slave. Susan Axford: “Just because it’s ‘in’ fashion, doesn’t mean you have […]

When in Wellington, love starting my day at Arabica Café in Grey St …  always buzy – this café which seats more than 50 was full at 8.45am, and emptied out by about 9am. Do Wellingtonians have a civilized time of 9am to be at their desk? Great coffee and good selection of counter food […]

Susan is a style doctor, who does house calls – offering first aid for your wardrobe in any part of New Zealand… she will be in Wellington July 29. If you would like an appointment when Susan hits Wellington, e-mail or call free in New Zealand on: 0508 YOUR STYLE.