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Colour, colour everywhere, but what shall I or can I wear? That is the fashion question on everyone’s lips this summer. Colour may be hailed as “the new black” but it is a bold contrast from the safe dark shade, black, loved by so many New Zealand women. With the new colours be prepared for […]

Kiwi women want to ‘grow old gracefully’ rather than attempt to turn back the clock with cosmetic procedures – according to a new study. The findings were released today as part of the Olay Regenerist Survey* – an independent study which looked at New Zealand women’s attitudes towards cosmetic surgery. The results found that two […]

  Then a colours consultation is the best way to ensure you wear the colours that suit you. Most New Zealand women have a love affair with black clothing, but if black is not your best colour why not wear what looks great on you. And this season colour is “the new black.” Harmony is […]