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Colour is what we notice first about someone – wearing the right colour creates great first impressions. Do your colours support or undermine you? A colours consultation is a once in a lifetime investment to give you colour confidence to select the right colour and realise your full potential. Discover the positive effects of wearing […]

Australia’s new Prime Minister, Julia Guillard chose a white suit for her press conference to announce the date of the election.  And New Zealand’s former Prime Minister, Helen Clark wore a white jacket for her billboards for the last election.   White is not a colour that suits either women, do they think that voters will […]

Score one point for each of the following: • Every colour in your total outfit • Shoes/boots • Any detail on your shoes (bows, buckles, open toes) • Hosiery if coloured/patterned rather than skin tone • Buttons, if different colour from garment • Jewellery – watch; bracelets; necklace • Bows, ruffles, contrasting belt • Glasses […]