Is it Bold Colours and Blocking… or Pattern for you?


Jane Daniels

Cobalt blue is strong and directional and luckily there are several shades of blue , so most colourways will find one to suit.

This flowing summer style from Jane Daniels’ collection is complemented with silver jewellery.

If bold colours and blocking are not to your liking, then pattern is the fashionable alternative. No need to be afraid of pattern,  when you know your body shape and bone structure (done as part of a Style and Line Analysis) you understand the type of pattern and size and density of a pattern so you know what to choose . Don’t be alarmed by pattern, pattern is a good way of disguising any body flaws.  Almost any design goes this year – spots, stripes, animal print, flowers, bold graphics, red lips,  see-through holey cut-outs and lace.

The other way to wear pattern is on your feet  – step out in colourful shoes – patterned shoes are a brilliant way to re-invent an outfit.  You can even wear boldly patterned socks with shoes and dare we say, sandals, but that trend may take a bit of getting used to.


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