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A little piece by Luke Kirkeby that ended up in the Taupo Times last week …

If you have ever wanted to look like a Hollywood star but don’t know how to make the righ fashion choices, fear not.  Style doctor Susan Axford is coming to town.

Ms Axford, a former fashion and beauty editor turned image consultant and personal stylist, will be in Taupo in late June to offer people advice on their wardrobes and appearances.

She said she had helped many people throughout the country since starting her Auckland-based business Your Style, 14 years ago.

“Women and a few men have told me over the years they do not always have time to come to Auckland to see an image consultant, so I come to them,” she said.

“I teach people how to make the most of themselves and show them what works and what not to wear.  People can look a dress size smaller instantly with the right knowledge.”

Ms Axford, who has more than 25 years experience in the fashion industry, said using a stylist helped people to learn a useful life skill.

“We are taught just about everything else in life except how to dress ourselves to make the most of our shape and colouring.  Once you know the answers, buying clothes is so much easier,” she said.

“You learn the colours, shapes, shopping techniques and tricks of the trade so you know how to make the most of yourself and save time and money when shopping for clothes.”

She said she covered all aspects of appearance including taking people shopping.

“I can show people what colours will enhance them and what lengths, shapes, patterns, necklines, hemlines will flatter and make them look taller and slimmer,” she said.

“I also go through people’s wardrobes and teach them how to “shop” in their own closets, so they can have more choices and different looks.”

“Shopping with a stylist is quite different from shopping with a girlfriend, because the stylist’s trained eye and knowledge focuses on what suits the client and why it works.”

She said if people wanted to book a style consultation they could phone her on 0508 968 778, email:  or visit her website:

“Confidentiality is guaranteed.  I work independently and I am not affiliated with any labels or stores,”  she said.

“People can also use my services – once I am back in Auckland – getting me to buy pieces for them, or help them select pieces online.”

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