A wardrobe de-clutter is a great way to reacquaint yourself with what you have and what you may need.


Here are a few tips to remember when working through your closet: Designate an area in your room for three piles: “keep”, “toss”, and “alterations”.

It is best to do this process in categories. Start with your trousers/pants, as we need fewer bottoms than tops. Find every pair of pants you own, try them on check how they fit, how they make you feel, if you wear them often, are they over-worn and in need of replacement, are they still working for you, and do they still deserve to take up prime real estate in your closet?

Repeat the process with skirts, jackets, tops, dresses, suits, tunics, jumpers, shoes, bags, jewellery, scarves.

Experiment with new combinations that you have not worn before. We now mix colours in a non conformist way, so don’t be afraid to clash your colours and combine different patterns. You can wear a checked skirt and spotted cardigan, but if you are using different patterns, do not combine too many colours in the same outfit, the top and bottom need to be the same colours, if you are mixing the patterns.

Once you have finished your wardrobe audit, action your three piles quickly otherwise you may be tempted to dip into your “toss” pile. Instead send it to your favourite charity ASAP. Dress for Success, which helps women get into or return to the workforce by providing them with clothes for a job interview, is always looking for clothes.

Take your “alterations” pile to the tailor, no garment will ever look great if it does not fit you properly. Irene at Broadway Tailoring (402 Broadway, Newmarket) is a true professional and has a great eye for knowing what needs to be done to improve a garment.

Now concentrate on your third pile – the keepers.

Put them back in the wardrobe – arrange them by categories – jackets together; trousers together etc etc. You should be able to see where everything is – never put two garments on the one hanger. The secret is to have a solid foundation. Making dark neutrals, like black, navy, grey, or brown for your basics, is a cost-effective way to build a functional and versatile wardrobe. Use colour strategically with a shirt, scarf, bag or tie. Worn this way, colour is less memorable and will add interest to your overall look instead of being overwhelming or distracting.


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