Jane Phare, editor, launched Viva 15 years ago


Thrilled with some publicity in the NZ Herald this morning…

Article on page 9 of Viva magazine is an interview with Jane Phare who was the editor who launched Viva 15 years ago.  She says:-

“My style was shaped by years of trial and error, and the advice of a great stylist, Susan Axford, who used to be the NZ Herald’s fashion editor.  She did my colours, body shape, proportions, everything from what hem length suits to what neckline is most flattering.  I can now sweep into a shop, have a quick glance down the racks to see if there’s anything worth trying on and when the shop assistant says ‘this would look great on you’ I can tell her, with confidence why it wouldn’t.  I now know why perfectly good clothing hangs in my wardrobe unworn, and how to fix the problem.”

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