What does she think she’s wearing!


The red carpet may be predictable, but fashionistas wait with anticipation each Academy Awards to see WHO is wearing WHAT so they can exclaim WOW or shriek “what does she think she’s wearing!”

This year’s biggest disappointment was Meryl Streep’s golden dress.  She may have been the golden girl on the night. She was tipped to win the best actress award so you’d think she would want to look her best.   Her performance as Dame Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady” was stunning and she looked superb in the very elegant suits and gowns in her role as the former British Prime Minister.  But to see her swathed in metres of glittering gold fabric that looked as though the nearest stage curtain had been pulled down and wrapped around her did not do her or her silhouette justice.

The glamour gown award of the night was Armani Privie’s dress worn by Penelope Cruz.  The shimmering steel grey organza embodied everything about femininity and glamour.   Off the shoulder ruching was the perfect neckline for Penelope’s shoulder, neck, and jewellery.  The tightly swathed bust and rib cage showed off her figure and the skirt fell in feminine soft loops. The gown and jewellery shone with elegance and glamour.

Angelina Jolie’s outfit was more about her leg than the striking black gown, which was a mere adjunct to a very stylish leg.

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