Sunshine brights are the answer for the summer wardrobe…


from Jane Daniels Summer Collection

Look to the colours of a luscious fruit salad or opt for the crisp contrast of black and white, or shimmer in metallic fabrics.

Pattern is the hottest trend for summer – go wild with tribal prints or zebra stripes; say it with flowers; be spotted with dots; set sail in nautical stripes or face up to it in face prints. Whatever you choose pattern is a must for the summer months.

The sunshine brights are great for the Clear and Brights; the zebra stripes are eye catching on the Clear and Dramatics; the softer florals are pretty for the Soft and Muteds and the earthy tribal designs flatter the Rich and Muteds.

It is the season of extremes – wide floaty trousers versus skinny pants short cropped jackets or longer knee-length tunics sharp military lines or soft feminine florals.

The silhouette is fluid, but don’t do head to toe floaty. Only one piece can float and add volume otherwise you will shorten and widen yourself. And most of us aim to dress to make ourselves look taller and slimmer. So if you have a floaty top, team with narrow pants and in reverse if you wear wide trousers or slouchy harem trousers, choose a more fitting top half. Wide pants work best with high heels and narrow pants can take flat shoes.

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