Colour up Your Life – be confident with colour


Colour is what we notice first about someone – wearing the right colour creates great first impressions. Do your colours support or undermine you?

A colours consultation is a once in a lifetime investment to give you colour confidence to select the right colour and realise your full potential. Discover the positive effects of wearing the right hue for your complexion. Colour is a lifetime tool enhancing your visual credibility for both career and personal benefit. Wearing your correct colour is the natural way to look younger and healthier. The wrong colours drain you making you appear tired, drawn, pale and unwell.

Colour is your secret weapon, a no cost item in your wardrobe.

Use it to save yourself time, money, energy and reduce waste. Shopping is easier, feel more confident about your purchases.


Colours Convey Confidence. Knowing your colours gives you confidence about the way you look, how you shop, no more mistakes. When you wear the correct colours, your skin will be more radiant and your eyes will sparkle. Discover how to choose the right colours for makeup, hair, jewellery, accessories, sunglasses – yes for absolutely everything, not just your clothes. You’ll feel more beautiful as you see what the right colours DO for you. The intensity of a colour is the secret to choosing what really works for you. When you know your colours, shopping is easy. Find out how to wear black.

Your session includes hair colour options. You’ll discover your perfect metal, the colour of glasses, frames, lens, plus the best colours for precious and semi-precious stones. Colour co-ordination is simplified.


Had your colours done years ago, but need a re-fresher to learn new exciting ways to use those colours and receive an injection of colour energy into your wardrobe? Update your colour choices.

You can bring some clothes with you and Susan’s expert eye for colour can tell you if you are still on track.

“Having my colours done has given me a heightened awareness to colour. It’s amazing ‘seeing’ colours that I didn’t notice (or chose not to!) before.” – Heather, National Park

“The day after I saw you, I stepped inside a shop and knew what to buy, it was absolutely wonderful.” – Glenys, Birkenhead

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