Concealer can be the best or worst of your makeup.


Always handle with care, if not used properly concealer can exaggerate what we are trying to camouflage!   One of the best on the market for almost two decades has been Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent.  The award winning pen-brush has been the saving grace of many a woman’s dark circles.

Now Paris-based brand, By Terry, has released VIP Expert.  Terry de Gunzburg created Touche Eclat for YSL and now she has her own brand.  Her concealer, By Terry Touch Expert Advanced, has been hailed by Mecca Cosmetics in Auckland as a future icon, the “world’s best under-eye concealer that can turn a tired face into a glowing one in 5 seconds flat.”    Not much bigger than a biro, the pen-brush is completely portable and the answer to all of our problems, neutralizing dark circles without settling in to fine lines; complying with airline regulations, and no risk of bacteria. The containers are air tight, so no need to use fingers, so no contamination.   An instant uplift.

By Terry’s foundation is another cosmetic treat.   Like the concealer, the brush is built in to the container for super easy application.  As well as the ease of application, the foundation is a patented light-reflective liquid with illuminating prisms which bounce light off the skin to make you look younger.

Don’t be alarmed with the colour of the foundation or the concealer, they both look a bit orangey when first applied, but blend to the right colour, if you have chosen the correct colour for your skintone.  Always test foundation on clean skin above your jawline, and look at it in natural light.  If you can see it, it is wrong, foundation should blend with your natural skintone.

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