Are you suffering from CCS (Clogged Closet Syndrome)?


If your wardrobe is better organised, you can make more imaginative choices. Most of us wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

Why hang on to the 80% you do not wear?

Having an organised wardrobe that works for your lifestyle will make looking great everyday easier. Let’s start by taking a virtual look in your wardrobe. How many of you can honestly say that you wear EVERYTHING in your wardrobe?

How many of you can say you LOVE every garment in your wardrobe? Most of us struggle to answer a strong yes to both questions. The 80/20 rule applies equally to wardrobes – most people wear only 20 per cent of their clothes 80 per cent of the time – so why do we hang on to the 80 per cent that never see the light of day.

The strange thing is that the more we have in our wardrobes, often the less we have to wear. A disorganised wardrobe means we sometimes don’t even know what hangs in there!One of the advantages of working from home means we are not seeing the same people everyday, so we do not require a lot of clothes, as we do not have to ring in the changes as much as people going to an office daily and seeing the same people.

Let’s not clutter our wardrobes full of things that do not look good on us; instead let’s have clothes that do work well for us – make us look good and feel great. Get rid of all those old clothes that are weighing you down. Regardless of who gave them to you, how much you paid for them, or who made them, if they’re not working for you, discard them.

“When I looked at the pile of clothes that Susan wisely eliminated from my wardrobe, because I hated wearing them, I realised I could have had the sports car of my dreams, instead of a wardrobe of disasters.” – Pauline, Royal Oak

“You made me look at my wardrobe differently. Less is more, that is how I like to furnish my home and garden, so that is how I am going to furnish myself but with a bit of fun also.”
– Robyn, Mt Eden

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