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Name:   Susan Axford,  Your Style Occupation:   Image Consultant, *My pick for best dressed Kiwi man is… what an indictment on our society – no one springs to mind easily – the news readers, like Simon Dallow and Mark Sainsbury are well presented on screen, but their look is predictable and managed for them.   Tony […]

How you are regarded at work has a lot to do with presentation, says Paul Barrett, adjunct professor of psychometrics and performance management at the Auckland University faculty of business. So the pay rise you seek, the promotion you covet, and any dealings with management can be smoothed by your appearance. Just like any other […]

Take EVERYTHING out and then examine each piece before putting it back. This is a wardrobe audit aimed at simplifying and organising what we wear. Try on each piece to see if it fits well, needs washing/drycleaning/mending. If, what you see in the privacy of your own closet does not make a good impression on […]

Well, when you spend your working day in shopping malls and shops, the ideal holiday spot is away from the maddening crowd. The Central Plateau is my idea of holiday bliss and doing the Taranaki Falls walk or the Silica Rapids Walk is just paradise.  The sounds of silence are broken by the water flowing […]

I have never stayed at a Hilton Hotel, until the weekend and the wonderful deals on the internet was a good lure to experience not just a Hilton, their newest one, at Taupo.   Opened at the end of last year the hotel is still luring guests with special “opening” deals. The elevated location on the […]

Le Café Telephonique , 8 Huia St, Taihape is only 10 seconds from the main highway, and serves good cabinet food and an interesting menu selection – a welcome break on the road journey. Onyx, 70 Alpha St, Cambridge is also only 10 seconds from the main highway and well worth the minor detour, that […]

Rich, vibrant and intense colours are the palette that Auckland fashion designer has embraced for her summer collection. At the launch of her new range at her flagship store in Parnell guests were treated to a parade of sumptuous colours.  The tone of the colours that Jane has cleverly chosen means the colours work well […]