Jane Daniels’s summer collection…


Rich, vibrant and intense colours are the palette that Auckland fashion designer has embraced for her summer collection.

At the launch of her new range at her flagship store in Parnell guests were treated to a parade of sumptuous colours.  The tone of the colours that Jane has cleverly chosen means the colours work well together, so don’t be afraid to mix them up and all these wonderful hues work well with our beloved black or lighter neutrals like stone.  In Jane’s words she calls her colours, “deep russet, ochre, cognac, purple, copper and espresso shot with Prussian blue.”   There are deep ink shades and soft dusky pinks, so definitely something for everyone.

Proportion is important, there is lots of draping, twists and sculpture, but be careful, if you choose a drapey top, make sure your skirt or trousers are narrow.   If you go for the wider trousers, then do a more fitting top half, don’t do volume and drape on both top and bottom.  Jane Daniels has always been known for her stunning European fabrics, which are exclusive to her in this part of the world.

Summer is the season of the dress, and it is short, but don’t despair, if you are fed up with leggings the short dress can look great over a skirt.


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