5 great style tips for women & more


All my female clients are very aware of their body flaws. Usually within a few seconds of meeting me, they’re rattling off their flaws. It’s sad to see that lack of confidence and their amazing awareness of what they think is wrong with them. I can show them how to minimise their problem areas and bring all the attention to their lovely features.

Here’s some of her style wisdom:

  1. Be willing to have clothes altered for better fit.
    Consider, for instance, changing the buttons, slipping in shoulder pads, wearing a better bra. ‘Ninety to 95 per cent of my clients’ clothes get altered after purchase. Our population isn’t big enough to have a huge range and it can make the world of difference. Unless a garment fits properly it will never feel great and women think, sadly, it’s only their body that’s the problem when in actual fact everyone has that problem.’
  2. You don’t have to buy designer labels to look good.
    ‘Chain stores are fine – we don’t have to go to the top end of the market. I once had a client with a whole suitcase full of European garments and they were so wrong for her. She said, ‘Don’t you realise I’ve got $20,000 worth of clothes here? She’d spent a huge amount of money and not got the right effect, while some people can buy very inexpensively and look great.’
  3. If you’re older, best not to display that fleshy fold between upper arm and bust.
    A little cap sleeve is more flattering than cutting into the skin with a halter neck as teenagers do. Susan adds, ‘Even some 18-year-olds can’t wear them well either.”
  4. Got good legs? Show them off.
    ‘As women get older they think their skirts have to go longer, but if they’re small in stature a long skirt will only make them look shorter. That’s not to say your skirts should be mid-thigh, but they can still be on or just below the knee cap and look really good.’
  5. Don’t try to hide extra weight by wearing extra-large clothes.
    ‘It makes you look like a person in a tent. Much more flattering to wear clothes that skim your frame.’

Every woman needs.

    A fabulous scarf or a big chunky necklace need not be expensive but can look terrific. Buy your basic wardrobe and then concentrate on the other things – your hair, skin care, makeup, glasses frames (sunglasses or reading glasses), bags and shoes.’
    ‘Your number one accessory. You can get away with the same pair of black trousers four days a week but if you’ve not got your hair well cut and styled, then you’re not making the most of yourself.
    ‘I personally don’t put major money into cleansers or toners. I think a day sun-block is important, and a good night cream (not forgetting the throat), and an eye cream applied very gently. Press with a light fingertip, don’t rub it in. I don’t put much money into makeup because it just comes off at the end of the day. It has to be the right colour for you, but doesn’t need to be expensive.’
    ‘Remember that as we get older some makeup doesn’t work for us. We can’t wear lip glosses because they’ll bleed into fine lines. The most important thing is good eyebrow shaping. Keep eye makeup really subtle and natural. Use mascara but avoid dark eyeliner and put colour onto the lips instead. You don’t want heavily emphasized eyes as well as lips.’

Ahem – mind those hems!

Best to avoid:

  1. Sleeves cropped to the same level as the fullest part of the bust.
  2. Jackets or shirts that stop at the fullest part of the thigh
  3. Trousers that end at the widest part of the calf.

Why? Any horizontal line leads the eye sideways, so fabrics hemmed at our widest parts make them look even broader.

One Response to “5 great style tips for women & more”

  1. These are some amazing tips. I think the first tip about alteration, is not much followed by a number of ladies which isn’t a good thing IMO.

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