Style Tips for Men


Men don’t complain about their looks the way women do. They never talk about their body flaws, it’s more, “I’ve just got a promotion, so I’d better have a few new suits and X-number of shirts and three ties”. They’re more decisive. They know they have to do it and just want it done as soon as possible.

It’s a totally different attitude. There’s no agonizing over it. A lot of women will put an outfit aside and think about it overnight before they buy, whereas men just get out the card and away they go.

If you’re a bloke with a tired wardrobe, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Don’t think that because you wear a suit only once a year you can keep on bringing out the same suit year after year. ‘It will look like a 15-year-old suit, even if it hasn’t worn out.’
  • Buy new, better-fitting garments if you gain or lose weight. ‘If you put on weight, your old trousers won’t fit properly. They’ll be set too low, with the tummy hanging over the front. Losing weight can mean that your jackets hang off you, which also looks bad.’
  • Get rid of faded old casual gear. ‘Things like polo shirts and sweatshirts do get jaded and lose their colour over time. Men tend to keep them for too long.’
  • Single-breasted suits are best for most men. ‘Unless you’re very slim and are prepared to have the jacket done up all the time, it doesn’t look too good.’
  • Good haircuts are essential. ‘Often men don’t have it cut often enough, especially older ones who aren’t so keen about using product on their hair to keep it in shape. Luckily we don’t see too many comb-over styles now on bald heads! Some are going for the total head shave, of course, but you’ve got to have a well-shaped head and good ears to get away with that look.’

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