Congratulations to Australia’s Federal Youth Minister, Kate Ellis for her new code of conduct.


It bans ultra skinny models from catwalks and magazines with the aim to reinforce positive body images for young people.  The new code wants to ban the fashion and beauty industries from using stick thin models or digitally enhancing images so that the models appear even thinner.  Well done, Kate Ellis.  Let’s hope NZ follows her example.   The pressure on women and young ones in particular to look reed thin and super beautiful is incredible.

In my 11 years as a personal shopper I have taken thousands of women (and men) of all shapes and sizes shopping and every woman is not happy with her shape… interestingly the men do not have as many perceived body issues.   When I was fashion editor at the NZ Herald, I introduced regular fashion pages for fuller figure styles, initially that was frowned on by advertisers who considered the pages not glamorous enough for a fashion feature!

Hopefully initiatives like the new Australian code of conduct will encourage women to realise that the catwalk and the magazines are not real life for the majority of the population and ultra skinny does not always equal beauty.  The code also suggest that magazines stop advertising rapid weight loss diets and cosmetic surgery.

I was distressed to read in the Herald recently that Australian women as young as 18 were going to Malaysia for cosmetic surgery, what a waste of their youth and their self-esteem.  We all have good and not so good parts of our body, so learn how to make the most of our assets.

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