The new Butt Cam


NZ Herald photo

“Does My Bum Look Big in This?”  is one of the most often asked questions.   Women everywhere quiz their partners, friends, personal shoppers and until now,  they have had to rely on the honesty of their companion for the answer.   But the new “Butt Cam” is about to change this.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the big question will be able to be answered by the shopper her/himself if he/she shops in Jeanswest.

One of Australia biggest unisex jeans and casual wear retailers, Jeanswest, which has 27 outlets in NZ, has introduced cameras in some changing rooms which film shopper’s bums as they try on clothes, reports the Herald.   The customer is reassured that the camera is not a recording device and you will not end up on You Tube. The cameras are at the Jeanswest stores in Christchurch, St Lukes and Albany in Auckland.

Seeing every view – front, side and back, is really important when buying clothes, especially jeans or trousers.   If you are not buying at Jeanswest you can always take a good sized hand mirror with you and check your own rear when deciding on a garment.

Remember that if you do ask “do I look fat in this?’ the answer is probably yes. But also remember to look at the overall image of yourself, do not just focus  on the area that you dislike most.

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