Self-tanning products


The search for the perfect self tan is on every summer.  Model Co is a good brand with imaginative, easy-to-use products.   The newest in their range of self-tanning products is the “SunSponge.” This sounds like the perfect solution for the glowing tan.  The generous sized container is easy to hold and has a large oval sponge top to deliver the golden liquid.     The principle sounds fine, just rub the sponge over your skin, but you must apply carefully.   The product will still streak and be uneven unless you are patient and very careful.  Don’t be fooled by its seemingly never-fail applicator.  The colour is natural and you can build it up gradually – take care around ankles, knees and elbows, light feathery strokes work best.  You still have to exfoliate before applying.   ModelCo’s  Tan Remover and Exfoliating Scrub is good for pre-tan exfoliating or to help correct mistakes. But better not to make the mistakes as the exfoliator does not erase the errors that easily.  ModelCo carries a range of products for self tanning including the first ever “Tan n a Can” which attracted rave reviews when it came out.

Whichever product you choose, still handle with care to ensure you have an even, non-steaky natural looking tan.   And remember most of these products do not contain sunblock.

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