Breast Cancer T-shirts


Looser fit, and longer are the features of the 2010 T-shirts sold to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.   Pity they do not offer a V-neck version.

Available from Glassons, $10 of the $29.95 sale price is donated to breast cancer research.   Pictured is the striking design from Karen Walker and comes on both T-shirt and tank styles and in black or neutral.  Black, pale pink and grey is the colour spectrum.   Trelise Cooper’s black tops are adorned with pink ribboned present boxes spelling out CURE – nice touch, but my personal favourites are Karen Walker’s black one with the lightning strike floral pattern or the Stolen Girlfriend’s pink T-shirt with its large butterfly over the bust.  The new longer length may be too long for some people,  don’t be afraid to shorten the top and remember never have a top finishing at the widest part of your torso.

Check out the other designs here >>


One Response to “Breast Cancer T-shirts”

  1. 1 Jo Dalgety

    Thank goodness they are longer and loose fitting – I haven’t bought one the last couple of years but will definitely do so agin this year. I’d love some more rich colours rather than black and gray and pale pink, and the V neck of course!!!

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