Personal New Year Tips for a New You


And just when you thought you were over New Year resolutions here are a few tips for a new you for the New Year.  Regardless of your age or weight, if you spend a little more time on yourself this year you will look and feel fabulous and be more confident.

Personal New Year Tips for a New You

* Audit your Wardrobe
Get rid of the clothes that don’t do anything for you.  Regardless of who gave them to you, how much you paid for them, if they’re not working for you, sell them, give them away, but get them out of your closet!  Otherwise they are negative reminders every time you open your wardrobe door.  Your closet should have clothes that fit, and make you look and feel great.  You don’t fill your pantry with food that is past its use-by date, so why store stale clothes?

* Get a New Haircut or Colour
Change your hair style and/or colour – this change does not need to be drastic, even small changes can be uplifting.

* Update Your Makeup
Our complexion may change as we age, so it is essential to adjust our makeup every few years.  Application techniques change as well.  This does not mean smothering on the latest eye shadow colour if it does not suit you, but if we want to stay modern, learn the new techniques.

* Add to Your Wardrobe Every Season
Add one or two new pieces to your wardrobe every season.  Even adding accessories in the latest colours will keep you looking current.  And I’m here if you need help with this.

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