We think we have problems deciding what to wear!


We might think we have problems deciding what to wear,  but when you  are the wife of the President of the United States… oh that is real pressure choosing what to wear on inauguration day.

obama-inauguration1And did she get it right?   Not totally.

Michelle Obama  is a striking woman, who can look utterly glamorous and totally stylish.  She has great bone structure, good skin, beautiful hair, a winning smile and looks sensational in the right outfit.  She is modern and fashionable.

She wears strong colours superbly and is not afraid of  colour, but for some reason decided she did not want to wear traditional red or blue and opted for a colour she said had “sunshine.”    It has been described as gold, green and lemongrass depending on which commentator you listen to and the hue changes from newspaper to  television screen.   I would love to have seen her in the eye-catching cobalt blue 10-year-old daughter, Malia wore to the ceremony.

Michelle is tall and has a great figure,  but the cut of the outfit did not do her shapely figure justice.

The dress and jacket  worked well on the top half, but then the stiff  A line cut of the jacket  fell away to make her look hippy.    The heavy texture of the ensemble meant  the outfit did not skim her shape, but sat on top of her.   When she walked and the coat opened and you could see more of the sheath dress, the darts and shape was not flattering on her stomach.   There appeared to be an interesting  in-between layer, which we did not get to see, but may have worked well at the luncheon, when she took the top coat off.    As for the green shoes  –  no, no, no.   Not that we want our shoes to match our outfit, but we do want them in the same toning and a more modern style, please.   The shoe style added to the slightly too old look of the entire outfit.

Just a couple of weeks ago Michelle wore a taupe and black coat/skirt/top outfit and looked a million dollars – more youthful, more modern and very chic.

The Obama daughters both looked great – colourful and appropriate, but still looked like young  girls.

Malia’s cobalt blue and black coat was quite sleek, but the black neckline transformed it from being just a coat.  And 7-year-old  Sasha looked cute in orange and pink ¾ coat and short skirt with frilled underskirt just visible.   The Obama females made a wonderful  burst of colour.

The new president looked immaculate  – superbly tailored black suit, stark white shirt, lustrous red silk tie,  slimline black coat and burgundy scarf and black leather gloves and the American flag as a small “brooch” on his lapel.   Barack Obama has a good physique and always looks sharp, groomed and well put together. He lived up to expectation on inauguration day for both the swearing in and the ball, when he opted for a white bow tie with his tuxedo.

obama-ball1Michelle’s “fluffy” ballgown  once again did not show off her figure.  It was hidden under a billow of  texture.

I liked the slight train effect for such a regal occasion, the one shoulder  style, but would have preferred the strap to sit wider on her shoulder and not so close to her neck.   The style showed off her wonderfully toned arms.  Loved the choices of jewellery –  the extra long  sparkling earrings, one wide shimmering bracelet.   Super stylish not to overdo the jewellery  when you are as stunning as Michelle.

What I notice most about the new first family is the loving connection they have between them.  They hold hands openly and there is a visible chemistry between Michelle and Barack  and what a great line he made as he arrived at the inauguration ball… “How good looking is my wife?” he asked the crowd as he swept her on to the dance floor.

Designers will be clamoring to dress this glamorous first lady and it is interesting to note that she is endorsing some of the younger designers.   Her ballgown is the creastion of 26-year-old Jason Wu and her inauguration ensemble is the work of Cuban-born American, Isabel Toledo, who once worked briefly for Anne Klein.

One thing is certain that the Obama quartet will give a big injection of adrenalin to the fashion industry. They are all great clothes horses and Michelle is prepared to embrace various looks and be flamboyant.

She will be a first lady of fashion and create her own style.   Be prepared to be wowed.

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